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Quality - Thomas B.

by management & customers on 05/14/14

I want to thank Freedom for an outstanding job on the VFD replacement for Gamunex during the 2014 turnaround.


The success of this project is greatly due to the effort of Thomas Bateman.

Thomas assumed a responsibility for this installation and stayed with the task at hand.

He was there on time every day, skipped breaks, and did his very best to accomplish our goal.

The quality of his work was exemplary as well as his work ethic.

I enjoyed working with such a qualified and conscientious electrician.


He deserves special recognition for his efforts.


Thanks again for a job well done.

Stewardship - Chris R.

by management & customers on 05/14/14

I just wanted to make you aware of the outstanding work we received from Chris Rose during the APD line adjustment.


To begin, during the weeks leading up to our line relocation Chris did not hesitate to help when asked. This help included staying late during the week, as well as working long hours on Saturdays and an occasional Sunday.


However, what truly becomes noteworthy is the extent of help received. As an example, on the weekend of our move (Easter holiday), Chris went beyond expectations and was instrumental in assuring a smooth transition to production happened on the Monday after Easter. This transition included long hours Saturday helping us modify the bell jar stations. Moreover, near the end of that day, an un-planed situation happened regarding safeguards for the walkway adjacent to production equipment, for which Chris volunteered to stay over as well as arrive early the next day to fix.


Furthermore, after the move, Chris helped to construct and install additional safety guarding which ultimately helped facilitate additional equipment to production.


It is because of this help that I feel obligated to send you this letter to recognize this outstanding work ethic.

Great Job Gentlemen!

by management & customers on 12/24/13



I just wanted to take a moment to extend my personal appreciation to the Freedom team for a successful project. Although this was a small project it had its fair share of challenges. I want to thank Scotty Edwards for a job well done on the safety front. Thanks to the team and especially Scotty for his vigilance and proactively helping to keep us safe with NO injuries…Well done!  Alex Lewis did an excellent job for us with organizing and spearheading the turnover effort which went without a hitch. Great Job Alex!


David Radford was an extension of Greg in the field. He spearheaded the shutdown and its many activities flawlessly! We would love to get the chance to work with him again.


When we found out that Freedom had been awarded the contract I specifically asked for Greg Hartmann as we had worked together in Merck-Durham. Greg did not disappoint and was most instrumental in the successful management of this project for Merck and Freedom. He took the bull by the horns with our coordination efforts through Last Planner and helped rally your subcontractors to embrace what they hadn’t done before.


Most of all, I appreciate Greg’s exceptional attitude and work ethic. He truly cares about the project’s success. Greg sets the bar high for the rest of Freedom’s management team and I would be honored to work with him and Freedom again in the future.


And last, but certainly not least, please pass along our thanks to the folks that did the work in the field. Our success is their success! We also appreciate the fact the Freedom cares enough about its employees and subcontractors to treat them to an appreciation luncheon.    


Well done everyone!

Rock & Curt - Thank You!

by management & customers on 11/20/13

Recently, our customer had an equipment failure and called on us.


“The supply was turned off and disassembled, then reassembled and all

  passed leak checks.  All units restarted automatically. Thanks to Freedom  

  Industries for the expeditious response and repair.”


Please share a special thank you to Rock Davis and Curt McCullen and the

supporting cast for their “QUALITY” efforts to support our customers.

Chris, Steven, John & Greg - Thank You!

by management & customers on 10/29/13

Please join us in recognizing Chris Williamson, Steven Denny, John Tanner Jr., and Greg Brake for an outstanding job!

In the words of our customer:


Chris and crew did a great job on safe top quality installation of our new sugar convey access platform. Thanks for a good safe job, all looks good, I look forward to doing it again. -Dennis

Above and Beyond

by management & customers on 09/26/13

Last month, Billy Medford was faced with a situation that no supervisor wants.  A sub-contractor started complaining of tightness in his chest and a feeling of nausea which are symptoms of a heart attack.  In the heat of the moment, Billy quickly handled the situation by following his training and notifying his customer/client contact and setting up men to guide the ambulance to the injured person. Thankfully, the person was not suffering from a heart attack.  The most shocking thing that Billy did......after hours.....was to appoint a lead men to run the rest of the crew and he followed the ambulance to the hospital and stood by for the affected sub contractor until the all clear was given.  For that, please join us in recognizing Billy’s tremendous consideration for others. He went above and beyond and is an example for us all. 

Thanks Wayland, Jeff & Daniel!

by management & customers on 05/30/13

Recently, after our customer experienced a failure in their equipment, they shared the following:


"This caused everyone to pull some very long and hard hours, but the Freedom Construction team stayed with us until the new system could be up and running again. I cannot say enough about how much we appreciate the hard work put in by this crew. We can all say they were just doing their job, but these guys went way beyond any expectations I would have for them."


During this event, our team joined in with our customer to not only repair, but actually upgrade the equipment and get it back on line. This is a living example of one of Mr. Ezzell's favorites; "this isn't a problem, this is an opportunity."


Please join me in expressing our appreciation to Wayland Jones, Jeff Prutsman and Daniel Miranda for the outstanding job and their committed efforts to this project and Freedom Industries Inc.


by management & customers on 01/30/13

·         A special thank you to B. Lachman, L. Brown, T.Bateman, and G.Newsome for the outstanding work on the KR label machine.


Welcome home Greg!

by management & customers on 01/25/13

We would like to welcome home GREG HARTMANN.  Greg recently finished up his duties in Asheboro.  It took an enormous amount of dedication to be away from his family for many months, often times only being home for a night or two at the time.  Thank you Greg for all you do.  


A word from one of our customers...

by management & customers on 01/25/13

“Freedom:  You guys are Johnny on the spot & yes they had already made the outlet 220.  Thanks for getting them to check it out so quickly!!!!  I just needed to look behind the desk that was temporarily sitting in front of the outlet.    Thanks again for your help!!!!”


A word from one of our customers...

by management & customers on 01/25/13

“ I would like to thank you and your employees for your continued support and excellence in service provided during the  shutdown by your employees.  The shutdown power down to power up was completed in record time.”



by management & customers on 12/26/12

We would like to welcome home ERIC JOHNSON, SCOTTY EDWARDS & MIKE ANDERSON.  These guys recently finished up their duties in Asheboro.  It took an enormous amount of dedication to be away from their families for many months, often times only being home for a night or two at the time.  Thank you guys for all you do.

Keri Matthews

by management & customers on 11/29/12

Check out or take a look at our 2013 calendars, our core value plaques and business cards, our Fab flyer & t-shirts. It doesn’t take long to see a professional touch at work in these documents and displays.  Please join me in thanking Keri Matthews for her continuous efforts and for sharing her artistic talents with our company. A gift certificate is on the way.


Rock Davis

by management & customers on 10/25/12

To Rock Davis:   As our customer said, “The client likes the features of the design and installation.   Nice job gentleman!” 



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