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Above and Beyond

by management & customers on 09/26/13

Last month, Billy Medford was faced with a situation that no supervisor wants.  A sub-contractor started complaining of tightness in his chest and a feeling of nausea which are symptoms of a heart attack.  In the heat of the moment, Billy quickly handled the situation by following his training and notifying his customer/client contact and setting up men to guide the ambulance to the injured person. Thankfully, the person was not suffering from a heart attack.  The most shocking thing that Billy did......after hours.....was to appoint a lead men to run the rest of the crew and he followed the ambulance to the hospital and stood by for the affected sub contractor until the all clear was given.  For that, please join us in recognizing Billy’s tremendous consideration for others. He went above and beyond and is an example for us all. 

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